A Long Wait

Charlie follows Mummy everywhere. So as she went to the loo, Charlie sat outside waiting. IMG_6087So I waited to see how long she would take.IMG_6089 And then George came to join in the wait.IMG_6092 And we waited.IMG_6094 We had to lay down as she was taking a long time!IMG_6096May’s comment: Dogs waiting outside the loo 🙂

So this is what it looks like to have three dogs? LOL!!!

Don’t worry. I’m not ready and would be irresponsible right now. Isn’t that what I said before George? 😉


  1. Jocelyn

    How sweet, you are definitely Charlie’s mummy, he is adorable X

  2. julie mcevilly

    Yes it is May! Charlie does seem to be getting his paws under your table Lol xx

  3. Laura cordovan

    Welcome to my world!

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