To market we go

We’re usually never allowed into supermarkets – except for our local Sainsbury where we can wait inside – and the security guy actually likes dogs! How convenient because then he’s also watching out for us.

IMG_5022Keeping an eye out for Mummy.IMG_5023George is a little unsure as he’s not sure what this is all about while I am used to it.
IMG_4980_2 Other shoppers always come to say hello.IMG_4979_2Besides our local Sainsbury, Mummy has to find alternatives where she can take us.  In most instances, they are actually better than the regular supermarket chains.

We love the Brompton Market which is close to South Kensington Tube Station.
IMG_4875 It even has a Secret Garden where we can also sit for refreshments or a light meal.IMG_4886La Pascalou – French fresh market on Fulham RoadIMG_5048 That’s a funny strawberry!IMG_5045It’s fresh foods outside IMG_6086but we’re allowed inside to sniff aroundIMG_5039 Look at all those interesting smelly foods in there that I can’t get to.IMG_5033Er, not for me but you, Mums?
IMG_5028We also like Wyndham Butcher’s – on Fulham Road. IMG_5974They are a happy lot.  I would be too if I can have a sniff, a lick, a chomp at all those yummy, my tummy fresh cuts and mince and rolled, and marinated. My oh, my!IMG_5027Yes, looks like the butcher knows what I mean.  He’s going for it!IMG_5970And of course all the weekend farmer’s markets where we can all go to!

In short, we won’t starve. Mummy likes to do all things in one go – so when she takes us out for our mandatory walks, she likes to accomplish something for herself. 🙂  So she finds all these places she can take us to shop for food.

May’s comment: Forced into finding alternatives has led me to discover new places to shop. But around where we live, I guess the local Sainsbury has no choice but to let us in.



  1. Sarah

    At least there is one truly dog-friendly bank – Metro Bank puts out a bowl of water and gives away free dog biscuits!
    It is such a shame how many shops don’t allow dogs. There is no law about it, except that which states dogs should not be in a food PREPARATION area. How wise of you to make friends with the staff at Sainsbury’s. I am sure Darcy and George make their day!

    • Miss Darcy

      Yup! Love Metro Bank but our NatWest local bank also let dogs in. We’re very grateful that our Sainsbury local let us lie up our dogs inside. I’ve never attempted M&S next door – probably not. They wouldn’t let us into their store along King’s Road – one of three non-food stores that do not allow dogs in. But we have found there are many, many stores in London that are dog friendly – actually nicely surprised. It’s always good to ask and most of the time if there’s security guards they are the ones who doesn’t know the rules. Always ask the staff or asked for store manager.

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