On board the Arctic Express

Freddie and I are back at Pedley Street Station for the next train journey!

In August, we were on “The Murdér Express” by Funicular Productions.  We enjoyed it so much, Mum asked them if we can go back again for their Winter Train – The Greatest Snowman, a new Christmas tale to help everyone believe again and understand the true meaning of Christmas.

We arrived at Pedley Street Station early – just in case we missed the train! We were early and waited till a quarter to six before we could check in. Once inside, we mingled with the other passengers to arrive before we boarded the Arctic Express.This time the train journey will take us to Birmingham Christmas market. And soon the train began its journey.

We heard that the enigmatic Ed Snow boarded our train. Ed is the whistleblower of Christmas, it was he who started the rumours that Santa wasn’t real!!! Unbeknownst to him and us, there were mysterious forces working on a secret Christmas mission to intercept Snow – to make Ed Snow believe again!

During the show, Ed Snow came and sat next to me … I told Ed Snow that I believed in him – and urged him to come clean and be become “The Greatest Snowman” again!Fred and I think Mum and Belinda really enjoyed themselves.  They ooh-ed and ahh-ed and hissed at Ed Snow when he called Santa a “glorified postman”!!!!! Freddie and I were just being as good as gold because you know – Santa’s watching us.

May’s comment: This is Funicular Productions’ Christmas train. We love Christmas and what fun it was to be able to enjoy this festive, immersive dining experience.The show we attended was not a doggy event. We asked for permission to attend with our dogs – and it depends on how full the shows are – as they try not to mingle the dogs with the other passengers. Based on our last experience, both Darcy and Freddie were able to handle all the ongoings. I did not bring George. The loud noises would frighten him.  But Darcy and Freddie were absolutely brilliant – watching everything and just taking it in their stride.During the show, they served a delicious four course meal created by BBC MasterChef: The Professionals Finalist 2017; Louisa Ellis.

The production of The Greatest Snowman will be on all of December. Ticket prices are from £65 per person and yes, the dogs went free – and they even had treats and bowls of water!Thank you Funicular Express for giving us a wonderful experience!  I guess Christmas brings out the fun in everyone and we were all merry-making.

What a fun way to start off the Christmas holidays!


  1. Sian Widner

    This put me in the Christmas spirit!!! Adorable!

  2. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Love love love Christmas and with a birthday on the 5th we’re off to the Winchester Christmas market on Tuesday. Sadly leaving Gracie behind on the care of son and fiancee` as we’re going on a day coach trip. We’re espec6going to visit Tom Martin of London who makes the most amazing glass baubles.

  3. Cheryl

    What a wonderful experience! That ride might even make the grinch in me disappear!? I’d love to visit London at Christmas, this just might help me convince my husband we need to go!

  4. Sandy Exley

    You should write a book or 2 on all tbe adventures you go on…with illustrations. I would buy them! I love reading about all your adventures

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