A Love Triangle

Jaffa came over today for a little play … as you know she’s my girl!  We play fight but we also have tender moments like these …IMG_0233Just as I was staring into her eyes, the door bell rang, and in bolted Charlie.

Hey, Mr. Charles, you’re coming to stay again?

A little reunion …IMG_0240But that Jaffa, she could not take her eyes off Mr. Charles.

Then as we settled down, Jaffa went up to Mr. Charles and was whispering sweet nothings to him!IMG_0242 Except she forgot I was lying right behind her, being ignored.IMG_0245 Oh, Jaffa. Is it because I am too dinky for you?  You break my heart.IMG_0246May’s comment: I didn’t say it but Jaffa, your mummy called you a little tart! And don’t go breaking my little boy’s heart. 🙁  You’re his girl.  And that Mr. Charles is a mummy’s or daddy’s boy – not quite the gentleman that Georgie is!IMG_0248


  1. Kathy Haigh

    Don’t worry Georgie, Jaffa is still your girl. It’s just that one cockapoo instinctively identifies with another and just has a breed affinity.

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Don’t worry Georgie, how could Jaffa resist you in those sexy doggles!

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