A Most Welcoming Inn

We have always liked the Victorian Inn at Holkham! They are super dog-friendly except we weren’t so sure about being put in the Honk’s Pit! LOL!We forgave them when we saw that they had a bed for us and TWO bags of treats! These are the rules for us pooches …Agree to the rules – agree to anything actually with doggy treats in store for us.

We are allowed in the far end of the restaurant for all meals.And definitely in the bar area  Darts, anyone?And since we had such lovely weather, we sat in the courtyard after our beach walkEnjoying our time together with friendsIt has been so lovely that Lola and Sam could join us.When we went for our last walk we saw the full moon in the sky. It was magical!I think we’ll be back again, Victoria Inn. We really appreciate how welcoming you made us feel.

May’s comment: We learnt about Victoria Inn from the House of Mutt a few years ago and we’ve stayed there now about three times. Not only is it very dog welcoming – dogs allowed everywhere – there are enclosed spaces where they can be let off lead.  It’s close proximity to the very dog-friendly Holkham beach makes it ideal. Not to mention that Holkham House is a lovely estate in which to walk the dogs (on lead) – there’s a cafe where dogs are allowed inside. the beach till you reach the famous Beach Cafe – once voted the most dog-friendly cafe!It wasn’t just a lovely Inn, but its location also makes it ideal for a short break with the doggies.

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  1. Kathy

    Victoria Inn sounds wonderful! I have never seen so many dog friendly places here in the US

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