On the lookout for England beaches

This time Barnaby, me, Lola and George are in Holkham – for a walk in the lovely grounds of Holkham House and a run on the beach. We played hard!Lola hung out with SamMaybe we were a bit boisterous for her.I spent most of the day playing with a squeaky ball –

until I was obsessive and Mummy took it away from me.

I suspected that Sam had the ball!Can I have it please? Pretty please?

And I was almost swimming!I led the pack and even got Barnaby in the water!

I almost submerged myself … accidentally – to the amusement of the hoomans.

Yes, I looked wet and Barnaby’s muzzle had a life of its own!After a long walk, it was time to leave the beach.Up the board walk, past the forestWe stopped at The Lookout Cafe – we were all a bit more sandy, some of us more wet than others …We were thirsty, hungry …And happy.

May’s comment: I’ve so enjoyed Holkham in the past and had a reservation to use up – so thought we would show our friends a beach we love. And lucky us, we caught a bit of the Indian summer in late September.

It was glorious! The weather forecast had said there will be sunshine but we didn’t expect a summer’s day.

I loved watching Darcy walking through the puddles of water on the beach, though a little tentative about streams.

As for little George, so proud of him. He had a blastHe loved to explore.

He was confident. And he had recall – note, I didn’t say excellent recall, but he came running every time wandered a little further than I wanted him to.  And he came back after he ran off barking at the horses walking on the beach. He had his say and he came back when called. He held his own with the cockapoos and he did not run away from the puddles of water. I think he just doesn’t like waves. So for the last rays of summer, we drank one of the last glasses of rosé!


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  1. Sarah Johnson

    Love Holkham so much! I was a bit worried when I saw the visitor centre going up – but with some planting it will settle in. Have you tried taking the Coast hopper bus to Wells or Burnham Overy Staithe then walking along the beach back to Holkham?

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