A Royal Cross Breed

The Kennel Club confirmed that no time soon will they register the Labradoodle or any crosses as a breed.

We’re not fussed – as long as we’re loved by our owners – that’s all we ask for.

But we found out that the first crossbreed to infiltrate the Kennel Club belonged to the Queen.  She breeds Dorgies, a cross between a Dachshund and a Corgi.

In 1975, when the Kennel Club of England commissioned a portrait of the Queen, their most famous patron. She had all her favourite dogs with her, amongst them was a Dorgi called Tinker, the cross-bred between a Pembroke Corgi and a Dachshund!

The Kennel Club was quick to point out that there was not a single cross-breed dog depicted in any of the portraits hanging in the club! But Her Majesty said that if Tinker was not allowed in the portrait, then she would not sit for it!  Guess what happened?  The club relented.

Hip, hip, hooray! Long Live Our Queen!!!

_62788738_pa-11396709This is Tinker with the Queen and Prince Philip.

Tinker along with Berry, Brandy, Cider, Harris, Pickles, Chipper and other Windsor corgis lived happily amongst their pure-bred relative!

We could not find a picture of that portrait, but instead found Cindy Lass’ painting of the Queen’s corgis and corgis which also hangs in the auspicious Kennel Club’s Mayfair headquarters.

Painted in Mrs. Lass’ signature “naive, even child-like” style, it features the Queen’s corgis Linnet, Monty, Holly and Willow, and dorgis Cider, Candy and Berry.

May’s comment: Even the Queen is not breedist – a dog is a dog. We shouldn’t be racist as humans, in the same way, humans should not be breedist about man’s best friend. By no means do I support irresponsible, unscrupulous breeding, but all this snobbery and name calling is killing the joys of owning a dog. To each his own. We can all co-exist together.


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