When Loving Means Letting Go

This is the story of a very lucky dog called Belle.  Belle joined her family when she was eight weeks old. She was a bundle of love and she revelled in the attention! We think she knows she’s as cute as a button and milking it for all it’s worth.image-11Belle also had a very protective older brother, Walt who would bark at all the other dogs and people who came near Belle.  But Belle loved the attention.

Well, that’s nice except it created a problem for their Mummy. She couldn’t walk them together!  But that was just symptomatic of what was starting to surface.  Their Mummy soon found it very constraining to have two dogs and after much heart and soul searching and seeking advice, Belle’s Mummy decided that because she could not afford to give her the time and attention she needs, she knew then that loving Belle and wanting the best for her meant letting her go.

It could not have been an easy decision and she did not make it easy for anyone wanting Belle.  Then one day she heard from Steve who already had a cockapoo. She wanted to make sure that Belle wasn’t going to be used for breeding. She wanted to be sure the family understood her.

Steve and Karen went to pick up Belle. They brought Teddy along – who is going to be Belle’s new brother. Belle loved the fuss and when it was time to go, she seemed ok with just getting on with it. Though it made it a bit easier for Belle’s Mummy to see she was going to a good home, I am sure it didn’t make her heart hurt any less to let go.

But Belle, being happy Belle, just got in the car and never looked back. I don’t think she knew what was happening – but she’s one lucky girl.

Belle became Rosie and she is now enjoying her new home – 10342795_10152416341448750_1954776105306020371_nShe has a new older brother, Ted. Not as protective as Walt.10301583_10152416341728750_1443505024278490331_n10365971_10152416309148750_7367721963490673301_n And there’s even Cookie Crumble who is part of the family and comes to play.10156013_10152416341583750_6360900457359545480_nHere’s Rosie being her usual self – on there back looking to be fussed over.10336620_10152416341688750_5772008968823925692_nThank you wonderful humans for caring … for one to know when to let go and another for being there to receive10308049_10152416341328750_8047217335350911211_n 10420375_10152421046298750_7677761661056824446_nAnd another story of how big a human heart can be!

May’s comment:  Rehoming has two sides of the story.

In a lot of instances, we don’t even know the story of where the pet being re-homed comes from. Sometimes we do and we are sick to our stomachs. But in Rosie’s situation, she had a Mummy who knew when to let go and made sure she went to another loving home.  It is the story of a generous and loving heart though aching with pain, gave up her baby knowing it was the best for Rosie. And the story of a happy ending for Rosie – who ended up in a home where there are loving humans and other cockatoos to play with.10402714_10152416341293750_2827239369746218672_n

P.s. There is a mystery behind this story. I first heard about Belle through a Preloved ad but it seems after checking with Belle’s previous owner – she never did put an ad in Preloved.  I only hope that it was a strange occurrence, that it is the same dog or else I will be wondering what happened to the other. 🙁


  1. Trisha Hurford

    Cockapoos are the most loving and beautiful dogs. We have had Fada ,our rescue Poo, for about 5 weeks, and watching him lollop around the garden and discovering smells he hasn’t known before, during his life in an appartment, is THE most wonderful thing. He’s brilliant with our elderly Border Terrier and we love him dearly. There could be another ,on the cards, in the not too distant future. Good luck to Rosie and her new life.

  2. Steve Pinkney

    She will be spoiled rotten 🙂
    Steve & Karen

  3. Steph

    What a lovely heartwarming story 🙂

  4. Ann

    What a happy ending! I cant bare the thought of any cockapoo not being loved as much as we love ours, we re homed our lovely Louis who looks very much like Rosie when he was 7 month and its the best thing we ever did, he is the light of our lives:) x

  5. Karly

    Rosie is so sweet very lovable and cute! they all get on great

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