A Sakura “hanami”

From playing in the snow … to celebrating the cherry blossoms in bloom.

Back in London, our day was immediately filled with errands and appointments. Before the end of day, Mum knew I really wanted to run in the park – so off we went.

So happy to be back in the park I love so much.

We had seen the cherry blossoms in bloom on the streets near us.

I was curious about all the pink stuff on the ground.

Mum remembered the two beautiful cherry blossom trees in the park that years ago we had been to enjoy the transient beauty of the sakura with Little Tyke.

Little Tyke with a Sakura

Mum wanted to see if they are still in bloom. And they were.

and we decided to have a “hanami” (flower viewing) –

“Kimono” courtesy of Aunty Ellen form Hong Kong.

and it so happens that Mum has my “kimono” in her bag. How odd. In any case, I obliged.

May’s comment: These delicate beautiful blossoms signifies renewal and hope and heralds the arrival of Spring each year. So fragile and so fleeting – probably why we appreciate them so much more during the short time they appear. Some say they are symbolic of the fragility and beauty of life.

Happy Spring!

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  1. Deborahanne

    So beautiful! Thank you!

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