It’s London Dog Week

from the 24th – 31st March!

We arrived at the M Restaurant who was hosting the first event of London Dog Week where Fur – Mammas (and Fur – Dads) came and celebrated being a Fur- Parent, your Fur-kids and the first ever London Dog Week! Hooray!

I was beside myself with excitement because I’ve been to the M Restaurant in Victoria many times before – and I know they love us and has good food!

And see who I met! It’s Holly from Teddy Maximus!!!

It was getting crowded now – so many doggies!

All the dogs love the photographer!

I thought I’d take myself away to the bar to get a drink.

I had my eyes on these two cuties across from me.

As I was looking at the two little daschunds, this guy sitting next to me at the bar was eyeing me up.

Er, hello!

Do you think he quite fancied me?

C’mon Lola. We girls better stick together.

Can we order a drink, please?
Love a glass of vino any time.
Ahhhh, think it got to my head pretty quickly.

Thank goodness for some sustenance to help me get over my light headedness.

Different Dog food was one of the sponsors of the event.
I’ve had a good selection of yummy food …

But I really must get to work. We’ve been asked to provide cuddles at the Puppy Club.

Kids at the event took part in our Cuddle and Colour Club and had cuddles with us doggies and learn more about The Puppy Club World App.

Here are some of the trading cards.

Mum had a little cuddle with me inside the tent!

And look who I met at Cuddle Club – it’s Mini-Me – Lotti Botti!

She’s a little Maltipoo!

After our cuddle duties, now for the real deal! LUNCH!

Lucky Mummy! She always gets the best food … wish I could have some of them.

It seems quite far from my reach but concentration might move the platter closer to me.

Well, hello Lola! You think the same too? No wonder the platter wasn’t moving! If you’re trying to will it over to you and I am doing the same – it’s to none of our benefits!

The Furmamma event was hosted by Gemma Oaten – who shared her story of how her dog, Ruby Tuesday helped her through one of. the most difficult times of her life. Ruby Tuesday got her up each morning and helped her to get out of herself, her own head and to focus on another being who needed her. It is a story that many hoomans can relate to and we appreciate Gemma for sharing hers.

I had my photo taken with Gemma.

We invited her and her Schnoodle, Ruby Tuesday to come to our Hyde Park Meets!

And Mum thinks this is the best pic of the day because it summed it all up –

Dogs in restaurants, cameras capturing every moment and me – caught in my usual pose. LOL! Photo Credit: @bensdogs

May’s comment: And so the first event of London Dog Week took place on Sunday. We were honoured to be invited to the Furmama Event for the Puppy Club’s Cuddle Club.

Being typical Furmama – and embarrassing Darcy. Had to wear my Darcy sweater by Joanna Osborne of the
Comments from others: “That’s dedication.” LOL!

What is London Dog Week? Connecting the Capital through Our Dogs. Their vision is to make London’r streets, stores and venues some of the most dog-friendly in the world. Click onto their Home Page and learn more about their goals and objectives of London Dog Week.

There are still many events in the days to come, go onto the London Dog Week website and look at the various events that you can attend with your pooches. It is a fun way to meet others dog lover like us – who just enjoy doing things with their dogs.

Tickets are still available for the remaining events – sales of tickets goes toward supporting charities. We will be making an appearance on Friday’s Paw Parenting evening. And then on Saturday’s fashion show at M Restaurant – we will be at the afternoon show. And of course the closing party!


  1. Sara Cormack

    May what a beautifully put together piece, summing up the joy that our furry friends bring to our lives and how many of us have found so much love and purpose through them. Darcy that boy at the bar was definitely beguiled look at him licking his lips! A great event!

  2. Jill

    Great photos and captions, May. Congratulations…. Love your blog… thisi is an especially entertaining piece!

    My brother -in-law said to my sister and I yesterday, “It’s strange how chatty the dogs are when you’re both around. When I’m here with them on my own they’re very quiet!”.

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