Will you take care of Mummy?

Hello Charlie! Nice to see you.

Would you like to play?

Charlie came to stay the day with us.It was just like the old times. It seems we love the same things …

like back rubs on this lovely new rug.

Charlie also benefited from Victoria’s visit.But I know we will be leaving soon. Mummy’s been packing her bags and our bag.  Just wanted to give my teddy a hug because he never ever comes with me.Georgie was also a bit pensive as he sat by himself outsideCharlie, will you take care of Mummy when we leave? “Of course. I promise, I will give her lots of cuddles.”

May’s comment: Some quiet time with poochies before we went our separate ways.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep Charlie for the evening but so much to do before tomorrow’s travels. So thought it best to send him home. Once he left, I wished I had him stay. It will feel strange not to have one of them in the bed with me.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Have a lovely holiday with the tykes May. The pooches will miss you but will have a great time with Agnes

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