A Wimbledon Dog

On the fields of Wimbledon Common I stared longingly at the vast spaces to run. But alas I was not allowed off lead because I am with Aunty TammyIMG_3148And she wasn’t sure if I would be running off to find Mummy.

So I stayed on the lead while Bruno tottered aroundIMG_3122I surveyed the land IMG_3123 Bruno and I nosed the groundIMG_3121 Maybe someday, Mummy we can come back and I can run like a dog!IMG_3147 After our walk on the Common, Tammy took us to the local pet shop in Wimbledon Village to get us each a treat. IMG_3126 She told me I could pick something that I like. Thank you Aunty Tammy.

We all went along to dinner @ Fire StablesIMG_3125Dearest Aunty Tammy, at this point, Mummy usually shares the remaining fries on her plate.

Well, then it’s time to go home – as it’s our turn to eat.

But there are rules to abide to.  IMG_3128We had to learn to wait and only on command we were allowed to run on upstairs!

Yes, Mummy had told me this before – we have to respect the rules of wherever we are.

May’s comment: Enjoy Darcy!  For before long you are going to be stuck with me again!

And don’t worry I won’t let George take over your blog. He can be a guest blogger at times.

Photo credit – Bruno and Tammy

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