A Wowweee Sunday!

What an eventful Sunday!

The morning started off with me sharing a croissant with Mummy at Gail’s –  after waiting by the door every day of the week.


Then we went to Hampstead Heath to meet Rusty for a quick walk and run before we had a fabulous lunch at Gaucho Grill with Vida.

When we took the tube back we got off at Queensway! I wasn’t expecting to end up at Kensington Gardens! Whooppeee!!!! I was off … squirrelling!!!


And there was Little Tyke and Mini Tyke at the park. However there was also a little girl with them.  She was lost and distressed. Sammy suggested that Mummy called the police.  After a little while they came and the parents appeared quickly after that. So it was all ok again.

And some kind stranger thought I was lost as I was running back and forth chasing squirrels. So he reported me – and a police woman came up to make sure I was ok. What a nice caring Sunday.

Mummy took Little Tyke to the Playground but I wasn’t allowed in – so I was a little anxious till Mummy came back.


Then Little Tyke teased me with his ice cream.

IMG_3774 IMG_3772

Almost got it!

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