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Doggy Christmas at Gaucho

Yesterday was the Gaucho Doggy Christmas Sunday and we were there in force! Read more…

Doggy Christmas Sunday at Gaucho – 6th Dec

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since we were at Gaucho Hampstead – that photo was take two Christmasses ago at our last Christmas party at Gaucho.

Gaucho Hampstead was where all the doggy partying started! Read more…

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And we had a blast!

We had so much fun yesterday at our Halloween Party at Gaucho.  There was the red carpet arrival … Read more…

Halloween Parteeee time! Can we go yet?

We have our Alice Foxx Halloween bandanas on – and we’re ready to leave for our Cockapoo (and all doodles) Party at Gaucho Hampstead! Read more…

Two more weeks till Halloween parteee! … for all poos!

It’ll be Halloween soon and we’re going to have a parteee!  Gaucho Hampstead is hosting another cockapoo event – this time just before Halloween!

All humans with all doodle-poos are welcome! A restaurant full of cockapoos and all sorts of poo-doodles – nothing scary about it – just hilariously funny and loving! Read more…

Another Cockapoo Event at Gaucho Hampstead

A restaurant full of cockapoos – nothing scary about it – just hilariously funny and loving! We had 40 cockapoos earlier in the year. Now Gaucho Hampstead is hosting another cockapoo event, this time for Halloween on the 26th October!

Read more…

Sunday Lunch with the Boys!

That’s Alfie, me, Bobby, Harry and Lucca – all at Gaucho Hampstead for Doggy Sunday. Read more…

Bow in my hair

I’ve put on a bow for our Doggy Sunday Lunch at Gaucho. Read more…

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Love is in the Air!

We had a lot of fun! So many of us walking around, playing with each other in the back patio. Read more…

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Red Carpet @ Gaucho’s

We had our Red Carpet just before BAFTA – so E! couldn’t make it. But Dasha Hugg took photos of our red carpet walk – we in all our natural splendour! Read more…

I’m Knackered!

What a fun weekend it’s been!   Read more…

100 / 40 : Raffling Away!

Oops! Sorry! Caught eating one of the goody bag treats!

As of  last night, we have 100 humans and 40 cockapoos all gathering at Gaucho Hampstead on Sunday! Read more…

Prepping for Gaucho

We went to meet with Jorge at Gaucho to finalise plans for Sunday!  Read more…

80-31 and counting!

No that is not a game score, but to-date there are 80 humans and 31 cockapoos attending the Cockapoo Valentine’s Sunday at Gaucho Hampstead on 16th February. Read more…

Oh What Fun!!!!

Today was Doggy Christmas as Gaucho Hampstead. The place was packed – every table had at least one dog! Read more…

A Wowweee Sunday!

What an eventful Sunday!

The morning started off Read more…

Doggy Sunday Brunch at Gaucho

Today is doggy Sunday at Gaucho Hampstead.  There was a red carpet waiting for us and a doggy water bowl to quench our thirst at the front door. Read more…