Est-ce la bonne direction pour aller en France?

Oui! Oui!

We took a ride with Tamara to Calais.IMG_2197 Mummy’s ecstatic because she didn’t have the hassle of going all the way to St. Pancras to take a train to Folkestone. And then a taxi to get on the Eurotunnel trains to Calais.  Things are getting easier each time.IMG_2199It didn’t take long before we arrived at the Eurotunnel check-in …IMG_2201I’ve been through this journey at least three times now, but this is Georgie’s first. He was so excited with the new surrounds and our trip that he shaking with excitement while sitting on Mummy’s lap.IMG_2206Look Georgie, here we go. We didn’t need our passport going to France, but Mummy did. IMG_2212 But before we went through, we stopped at the Pet Area to have a little break after the car ride.IMG_2216If we had mortise, we could have done a whole agility course!

How nice of them to wish us well as we left to go on our way.
IMG_2219 Look Georgie, in just 35 minutes we will be in France.  IMG_2214May’s comment: It was just pure coincidence that I learnt about Tamara going to Calais – just yesterday! Arrangements were made at the last-minute and off we went. We were picked up from home and straight over to Calais where we decided to stay the night – just to be sure we do not miss our train tomorrow.

Here’s my action shot!!! 🙂IMG_2230

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  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Ooh wish we had known you were in Folkestone as we could have come and said hello, as we live just 10 mins from the tunnel . Hope you had a good time it was certainly a glorious day. Love and locks to you all Xxx

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