Where are you Impostor?

Looks like you’ve made some new friends!  IMG_9415They’re sniffing you out!
IMG_9418You may look like me but you’re not R-E-A-L!  And they know it!

These are some of the doggies that Mummy are visiting in L.A.

This is Gus. He’s a 13-year-old Cairn TerrierIMG_9346 But Mummy thinks he looks like a rabbit.IMG_9356 “What did you say, ma’am?” asked GusIMG_9357“I’m a DAWG!”

And this is Jasper, a 3-year-old WestieIMG_9340 And that’s Emma – also three.IMG_9362She’s a Morkie!!!! IMG_9400She’s two-thirds of George!  Just missing the Shih-Tzu or they would be identical!

Here’s Gus and Emma learning to pose with Impostor.IMG_9387Eventually they settled down and we managed to get a picture of the four of them.IMG_9427May’s comment: When I left my last job in the U.S. Laura kindly threw me a send-off dinner at her beautiful house in Beverly Hills. She always had dogs but that was before I was a doggy person. For some reason, Gus took to me and insisted on siting next to me through the whole evening.  To be honest, I did not remember that but I remembered the  Sprinkles cupcakes.  But Laura told me she was so nervous – that I would be annoyed. Well, thankfully I wasn’t.

This time when I am staying with Laura, all I want to do is to play with these three little mutts. 🙂  IMG_9413Gus is alpha dog. He is bossy and wants everything. IMG_9394Emma is the licker!

And Jasper is a little hesitant, but winning him over! IMG_9339Dogs change people – and people can change.  Maybe Gus knew I had potential of being a doggy person.

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