Our last morning ALONE together

We woke up this morning and I knew it was going to be our last morning together – just me and Mummy.  

We went for our morning walk – had our morning coffee together.

Then Agnes came to get me – to take me for a long walk.  She gave me my cuddles like always – but this time she also told me that I will always be special even though Bobo will be coming to stay for a little while.IMG_3763May’s comment: Swinging into activity when the call came that the dogs have gone through DEFRA quickly and they’re on their way two hours earlier!  Called Kim and we made our way to South Mimms Service Center.

Am I really doing this?



  1. Lucca

    Yes u r……good luck

  2. Maggie Danks

    You are doing a wonderful thing May. If , if , if,,, If I didn’t have 2 elderly cats I would foster. X

  3. Maggie

    Well done lovely May and Darcy x

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