Are we packing bags again?

After Charlie left on Friday evening, Mummy started to pack her bags. Yup, she’s on the road again.

As it was our last day together, she just wanted us to spend the day together – every minute of it.  IMG_9143We went with her to Blink Brow Bar.IMG_9140And then to our regular Juice Baby …IMG_9171 We were there for a long while.  As usual, Georgie sought out attentionIMG_9177While I sat under the table quietlyIMG_9182 until this monster entered our spaceIMG_9178And we created quite a racket!  I barked and the George went absolutely berserk!

After that we took the bus down King’s Road
IMG_9183 As Mummy needed to go to the shops at Duke of York SquareIMG_9187On the way back we stopped at Chelsea Green – so I could run off leash IMG_9160Then it was time for lunch at OKA – it was a quite a warm day outIMG_9189So it was quite nice to be lie down on the cool tilesIMG_9197They brought us water IMG_9193We couldn’t wait for the nice gentleman to put down the bowl. IMG_9195After a whole day out, we arrived home for our supper and Mummy continued to pack her bags.IMG_9205Looks like Impostor is going on the trip – but not us.

May’s comment: The two of them were particularly clingy as I was packing. They came and sat close by looking at what I was doing. Darcy already knows that each time that bag comes out means we are going away. She gets a little anxious because she doesn’t know if she’s going with me.IMG_9133George is starting to realise that something is different.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Hope you are going somewhere fun!

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