And the winner is …

One by one the winners of each category paraded the arena at the Crufts 2017 Best in Show competition.

There was Alan, a Lakeland Terrier who won best in his group.Next, a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, called Frosty, who came from the Netherlands was the best in the Hounds group.The Best in Utility Group title was won by a Miniature Poodle called Frankie.The first Japanese pooch to get to the finals was a Yorkshire Terrier called Kagayaki in the Toy Group. Then came the best in the Gundog Group award that went to American Cocker Spaniel Miami Ink.Merrybear, a Newfoundland won the Working GroupAnd along came Pegasos, an Old English Sheep Dog that won Working & Pastoral. And they announced the winner for Best in Show, Crufts 2017.And I snoozed through all that.

May’s comment: I watched the Crufts Best in Show – out of curiosity while on edge, afraid for the doggies performing if they should make a mistake while being judged.  They all looked immaculately groomed and so well behaved.

Then I looked at my two lying at the end of the bed – they too were just groomed a couple of days ago but by Sunday night, their muzzles were all askew from drinking water and lying on their faces.They looked so “imperfect” and ordinary compared to those “show winners”.

In the early days when Darcy was as cute as a button, I entered her in a local competition for fun, thinking surely she has to win prettiest bitch. I remember the judge stopped and considered her. How could he not. But he reached down to feel her body.  I didn’t know why he was doing that.  He picked three winners and it wasn’t us. I felt shunned.  Only later I realised that the judge was feeling if that cute little puppy was overweight – and she was. I didn’t know that was a criteria.

Years later when I became more informed, I entered her, this time all lean and mean and groomed for another competition.  But it was a bit of a joke.  B-list celebs were judging and if you had the MOST sad story of all, you would be the winner.  Well, we were never going to be any of that as Darcy was just a normally loved dog with no traumatic experiences. That was against her.

But George had a sad story.  He was on death row!  Maybe he might get noticed. It was still NOT sad enough. And besides he barked up a storm the one time I entered him for a competition. That was it! No Scrufts for us! He’s too small, he’s a bit unpredictable with other dogs and due to a loose patella he has a funny gait sometimes to top it all off!  Not to mention his crooked jaw with one tooth sticking out! And it remains stained. He’s a tragedy! LOL!

Of course I am biased, but I also realised I didn’t need anyone, especially not someone making a public appearance to tell me if Darcy was the prettiest or best dog in the show.  She doesn’t have to be the best or win competitions to make me proud.  Because she is simply beautiful just lying on my bed even when her muzzle is all messed up!And George is the most darling of dogs and the handsomest when he’s cuddling his toy dog as he sleeps.They have won my heart.

All dogs who are loved are winners! And all who love dogs are winners too!

Crufts is the oldest and biggest dog show in the U.K. and the Best in Show is the final competition at the end of the four day annual event in Birmingham. We’ve been twice before when we were invited to write about it for our blog. It’s a lot harder to attend Crufts with two dogs! Even with one, it was hard work.


  1. Melinda Sheldon

    Adorable pair, and perfect just the way they are <3

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Well Miss D and Georgie you both look totally underwhelmed by Crufts! But why would you be interested you know you are both winners.???

  3. Davina Lawrence

    Darcey and George you are mays best in show as Johnny is in mine.

  4. Karen Walker

    I went to Crufts on Sunday and saw Best in Show. To me, the Old English won my heart, and many in the audience but what disappoints me the most is the Kennel Club’s snobbery of cross breeds when each and every dog being shown was a cross breed somewhere down the line. Very sad that Cockapoos and Labradoodles aren’t there particularly as they have become very popular breeds amongst the population. Still, it was a great day out, my mum enjoyed her treat! X

  5. totally agree all dogs loved are winners.
    I can though, say that there were many poodle crosses at Crufts 🙂
    I had my very unusual stand – the Dog Poo Wormeries & on my stand I had an ASD Cream of British Labradoodle who has been cut in the shape of a Schnautzer as he is entered into many grooming compts.
    From Vets to groomers to one of the Schnautzer judges they all could not believe he was actually a labradoodle. Almost no-one recoiled in horror, just a few spectators, who to be honest – are brain washed from the media on the designer dog hashtag they get.
    We also saw lots of doodles promoting Pets as Therapy, Dogs for the Disabled, Diabetic Assistance to Agility & fly ball.
    Crufts as a show is becoming more Doodle’y & that is great as all dogs are cross-breeds as we know. However I am happy as a doodle mummy they are not KC registered. Until the Kennel Club actually does more than lip-service to health checking & breeding – lets keep them away from our treasured babies.

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