It was a long time in the making

Finally, after years of waiting, Peg came to visit! So we wore our Maple Leaf bandanas given to us by another Canadian friend (Joan), to welcome Peg to London!

I also wore a red shirt. We were so excited to meet her at the tube station as she and Nancy arrived from Heathrow – they were just here in transit to Cape Town.George decided to sit with Nancy While I cuddled in the back with Peg.Mummy had told me about Bailey, Peg’s 16 year old cockapoo who passed away three years ago. She was very, very sad and had not felt ready to have another dog in her life yet. I wanted to give Peg a hug the only way I know how.

As this is Peg’s first visit to England, we had to take her to an English (gastro) pub!
Our good stand-by – Thomas Cubitt!Nancy’s from Toronto and got George’s attentionWhile I stayed with Peg.

Look like we have new “friends” from Canada!George immediately took to the reindeerAnd while Peg was taking a photo of George and his new friend …I took to Peg’s roast beef!Do you think there’s a chance we would get a taste of that deliciousness?!?!

Peg’s other request was sticky toffee pudding. Unfortunately that was not on offer at Thomas Cubitt, but Mummy had a plan!Peggy Porschen just down the road – awaits!!!There wasn’t a toffee pudding cupcake either but a salted caramel did the trick for Peg and Nancy.As for Mummy, it has been a long while since she had a red velvet cupcake.This was a good excuse to have one.
comment: We first heard about Peg’s cockapoo, Bailey after he sadly passed away back in late 2013. We wrote a tribute to Bailey. He was 16 years old. Since then Peg has been considering getting another cockapoo … and until she does, she’s been following our blog. Darcy is very much my dog and she is rather aloof with others, not like George who seeks attention or affection. She doesn’t really snuggle up to anyone except when she chooses to do so with me. For some lovely reason, when Peg was in the back of the car, Darcy went and sat on her lap and put her head on Peg’s shoulder. She has never met Peg before. Maybe she knew that there was still a hole in Peg’s heart. Maybe she was trying to remind Peg how wonderful it is to have a pup to hold. And maybe someday soon, Peg will have a cockapoo again.And I got my loot too!!! Yay!


  1. Judith Vogel

    What a touching story. I do foresee a cockapoo in the ear future.
    I look forward to May’s visit with George very soon!


  2. Jill Keiser

    Your Tribute to Bailey was beautiful.

  3. Cheryl

    How wonderful! Darcy and George really are the sweetest pups, due in large part to their mom! I do think dogs know what we need even when we don’t.
    I’m so glad you got to meet your Canadian friends.
    Beautiful tribute to Bailey.

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