Monday Blues?

Crazeeee dog lady!!!!  Mummy’s now wearing coats that matches ours! LOL!!!!

We were feeling the blues

and it so happened that Mummy was wearing her blue coat! A lot of people in the park pointed at us and had a good laugh. We’re happy to please – at whatever the cost! LOL!

We met Coco, a nine-month old cockapoo.And as we were playing with Coco, the rest of the gang arrived!

It was time for treats,

Left to right: Jaffa, George, Churchill, Darcy, Habiti, Ziggy

Chasing balls

rolling on the grass and chewing sticks!

Life is good even though it’s Monday for the hoomans!

May’s comment: Just couldn’t resist. Got a lot of smiles in the parks – will do anything to give someone a reason to laugh. I wasn’t sure about those Equafleeces when I first got them. I even felt bad for Darcy having to wear one. But now it has become quite a fun thing to do – especially when we go out en masse! It never fails to put a smile on people’s faces especially when it’s all three of them in the same colour or when they are multi-coloured! Besides the obvious practical side of things, i.e. keeping them clean and dry – if I lost one of them, its easy to ask passers-by if they saw a dog in these funny suits! LOL! It has happened before.  Whenever we walk Battersea Park, Darcy loves to run into the undergrowth and in her excitement, she would end up in another part of the park – and when I don’t know which way to go, I always ask people in passing if they had seen a funny suited dog – and without doubt someone would have recognised that description! Or they would tell ask if the dog in that coloured suit was mine. So I can add this to the benefits of putting my dogs in onesies!

No, not a crazy dog lady – just coordinated. 🙂



  1. Elizabeth Burman

    I think Churchill needs an Equafleece, look at that dirty back!?

  2. Alison Mullett

    My Ruby’s Equafleece has the same impact. It makes people smile, but for me it’s the practicality that cheers my day. Lovely to see the dogs coordinated with your coat May!

  3. Nancy Koon

    Great color of blue! You guys look great!!!

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