Another Beautiful Day at House of Mutt

Two more days and I’ll be leaving all this behind. 10257922_902189033131687_644662563267247735_n 1175422_902189056465018_5808838033501663035_n 10170718_902189073131683_1999790463170468557_n 10253789_902189189798338_3783408842487935468_nBeen quite a country lass – got all dirty and smelly! Mummy had to send me my nice smelling shampoo so I begin to resemble a city girl again before I go home on Friday.


Here’s me making a mad dash through the gates! Me first! Me First!

May’s comment: Wish I could be running wild and free like that in the countryside!



  1. Fiona Weller

    What a lovely place to stay Darcy 😀

  2. Melody

    Bet you can’t wait to have Miss Darcy back home…..not long now until you both get loads of cuddles

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