Another Day at House of Mutt

This English Summer’s been absolutely fab! I am having fun and I know Mummy’s happy to be with Little Tyke – along with Imposter!
10527474_958401800843743_5885926806003413839_n 10527345_958402927510297_4024608389948015922_n 10386307_958401884177068_412088518246158186_n 1920326_958401950843728_7383322323106369401_n 10514562_958401980843725_6971512195845502185_n 10441091_958402210843702_2319880304580408593_n 1375258_958402257510364_6376154874553392993_n 10593093_958402084177048_3605155507148467669_n This is my tail!10257333_958402104177046_2348588395977838483_n That’s my tail again on the left …1017564_958402057510384_4862284305288578400_n 10487487_958401844177072_1633342356868538602_n10441367_958402114177045_3335427491465842149_n-2May’s comment: Someone reminded me that I should be free of any bad conscience for leaving Darcy behind. She always has the best time at House of Mutt. Yes, I was a little sad to see her go and she was only too excited to jump into the car that came to pick her up, but hey! She’s happy – and well looked after, what more can I ask for? So enjoy, Miss D. I have Imposter with me and every time I see a dog here, I think of you.


  1. Wendy Mulela

    Miss Darcy is having a wonderful time…. I can see. Now you do the same mummy!! (with a clear conscience) xx

  2. Judith Vogel

    What gorgeous photos of happy dogs running freely!
    Love those action shots……
    Love from your 1150 Park Ave friends,

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