Making a house a home

It’s dizzying what the hoomans have to think about and what they have to do …

I went along one day with Mummy to find things for Sandra’s new house The first stop was in BatterseaWe looked at many options for her bathroomExcuse my yawning.

So which one we like?We all voted on this one.Even me!

But not this – too dizzying. I needed to clear my head to think carefully.We walked along St. John’s Hill to look at more shops – and then found a dog friendly restaurant for lunch at The School House.

But the shopping went on after lunch. This time to a place we know well …
Next on the agenda – lightingI have this routine wherever I go – check out the bins and handbags for food.
But as I was nosing around at the Original BTC Lighting store some came in to say hello! And more lights? This shopping just goes on and on – so much to consider to make a house a home. I am just trying to help out – testing the various choices – to help speed up the decisions to be made. But my view points didn’t count, I’m afraid.Thankfully Sandra had already bought the best office furniture and the furniture for her lounge, so we could go home. I will sleep well tonight!

May’s comment: It is always fun to imagine a new home and to find things that make a house a home. Adding a new project to my portfolio – maypingdesigns. New photos on May Ping Designs Facebook page!

Along the way we did find another dog-friendly restaurant in Battersea. The School House is only themed in decor and does not apply to the quality of food! Located at 137-139 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1TD

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  1. Cheryl

    I wish I had Darcy’s help when we built our house, there are so many decisions! She could have given emotional support when making those tough choices.

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