The best of the best!

He’s loving life and who can blame him!” said the commentator as Olly did his own free-wheelling course at Crufts Agility! 

Olly ran head-on into a jump instead of over it.  After knocking off the bar, he fell on his face – owww!  He then leapt over the A-frame, he fell off obstacles, missed the poles in the slalom and ran the wrong way through a tunnel! He was more interested in a corner of the arena and then skipped parts of the course – and had the whole arena in fits of laughter!!!

Olly, you’re the best!!!  You made us laugh and most importantly you showed us how we should take on obstacles in our way – with enthusiasm, determination and when necessary, a change of course. In the end it is not always about winning and being better than everyone else, but just having fun, enjoying the journey and if we can make someone laugh along the way – even better!

Love you lots, Olly!  Please come back next year and show us how to do it all over again!

May’s comment:  Olly was rehomed by animal charity Blue Cross and competed in agility at the recent Crufts. He completely amused the audience as he made an adorable shambolic attempt at the agility course.

When I watch dogs compete in skills like fly ball and agility, I watch as intensely as I do at the Olympics. Precision, speed and abilities. They are amazing to watch – and all a little too intense at times. But when the likes of Olly comes along, it just reminds us that they are as free-spirited and as happy as can be.


  1. Jeanne

    This is great…wish US television broadcast Crufts so I could have seen this!
    Loved your comments too, May!

  2. Daniel Hall

    I live in New York City, and I saw, on the Internet Tuesday night), Olly (very fun to watch indeed!) and other dogs that did the course correctly and very quickly.

  3. Liz Burman

    Love you Olly, this is what life should be all about!!

  4. Samantha R and Lola (Cockapoo)

    YAY – that’s what Mummy said I was like when I tried agility!! Love Olly – we laughed out loud; he’s a hero! Lola xx

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