Another Summer, another year

It seems like my summer “sunshine” only arrived yesterday. The summer has flown by – it always does when my BFF, Little Tyke is in town.

And today, like in previous years, the good times come to an end and it’s good-bye again.

Our journey began five years ago on 16 May 2011 – the day I first arrived home, the day we first set eyes on each other.DSC01779I was 11 weeks old and Little Tyke was 9 months old.

Just a month later, we have both changed quite a bit … DSC02204At that time, we were both on all fours. (June 2011)

The next summer (2012) – Little Tyke and his family were back. IMG_4558This time he’s walking on two legs, but still not too tall yet. And when we both sit/squat, he’s just still my height.DSC04067After the summer of 2012, it was a whole year before he returned.  IMG_2768I was so happy to see him, I gave him a kiss. (September 2013)

He stayed for a long time and we celebrated Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, IMG_7727-580x435-2Christmas photo-1-e1387920011846and New Year’s together. IMG_8623-580x773(December 2013)

Autumn turned into winter but come January 2014, he and his family left for Thailand.IMG_5163This was taken just before he left – one of Mummy’s favourite photos of us. (January 2014)

I was hoping I would see him again in a few months but he didn’t come back the summer of 2014.  In fact it was almost a year and a half before I saw him again.

But I never forgot him.
IMG_0064And when he did return, he was already four, about to turn five.  (Summer 2015)IMG_1340And that year he met George.

Once again he left in August.  And it was another whole year until he returned this summer.

We went for walks, we watched movies together, we ate out at restaurants
IMG_3871(August 2016 – running through the fields in Burton Bradstock.)

The two months flew by way too fast.

I will miss you Little Tyke.  I know that you favour George because he is more your size … IMG_1526(even though George has a tendency to nip when Mini Tyke tortures him with too many kisses, hugs and tries to bend his legs! LOL!)

But you and me, we go back a long way.IMG_3611Once again, we will say our goodbyes today.  It’s too sad that it happens every time we see you.

But we count the days when you return. Till then, grow taller and stronger, stay healthy, IMG_4389do well in school and continue to ask lots and lots of questions.  IMG_4396And I will always look forward to seeing you again.
IMG_4260May’s comment: Been another lovely summer watching Sasha grow and learn.  So many questions, so many experiences, so many lovely moments. One of the hardest thing each time I see Sasha – is saying goodbye to him at the end of his stay.

He will go back to his school and his home in Thailand. He will grow and learn new things and develop new skills – and I won’t get to experience those things with him.
Holding hands
As I was walking him to Summer Camp in July, it occurred to me that soon he will stop holding my hands when we walk together.  That day will come soon enough – so I treasure all the little moments I’ve had the privilege of sharing.






  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Both children and dogs grow up so quickly, makes me feel a little sad. I’m sure Little Tyke will always love his Auntie May regardless of how old he is.

  2. SamanthaR

    Being an Aunty is a very special and genuinely important role. When your parents simply “don’t understand”, it’s amazing how often an Aunty does. The obvious bond you have with Little Tyke and he has with you and Darcy is so strong, I am sure that Aunty May will be a very significant and important friend and confidante forever and ever. X

  3. Alison Mullett

    How quickly children grow and change, it’s a privilege to share your times with Little Tyke.
    Ruby and I wish him well, and look forward to his next visit. Au revoir little man! Stay safe!

  4. Margaret Danks

    What lovely photos May, and a very poignant post. Little Tyke is growing into a little man, but I am sure he will always love his Aunty May.

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