“The sadness of today is the happiness of yesterday.”

A few years ago when I was still a puppy, I met Kiva and her owners, Garry & Taija when they came to visit us in London.

After that visit, Kiva moved to Valencia and we haven’t seen her since.  Today, Mummy received some really sad news that Kiva had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Run free, Kiva. You have done your work on earth – giving love, companionship and treasured memories to your humans. You have left a big hole in your human’s hearts and if we can we would put the biggest band-aid on them to make them feel just a bit better.

May’s comment:  There is no need for me to try to write the words that has already been beautifully written in such a heartfelt way by Garry, Kiva’s owner

All dog owners possess the best dog in the world. Guess what though, we really did have the privilege of “owning” the finest of them all.kiva-pets2-glo-0x969 (1)I feel extremely humbled and enormously blessed that she chose me/us to spend her time on earth with.

Please allow your publisher this indulgence because our beloved Kiva died peacefully with her head on my lap in the small hours of Sunday night. Everyone who knew her experienced her unconditional love, her openness to all she met, old and young alike. She was not only extremely wise, she was also stunningly cute. She remained a head turner till the moment she died at the ripe old age of 16 (112 human years). Even the figures seen to fit her new destiny: 8.8.16. Yes, I am devastated and lonely. The lack of that little heart beating, the silence and emptiness are excruciating. But as a dear friend mentioned, the sadness of today is the happiness of yesterday. I love you Kiva and I thank you with all my heart for your love for me/us. With my heavy heart I rejoice you, dear Kiva!

I had come to France not really expecting her to leave. I had, however been looking at ferries as well as flights to UK because she was doing okay. Then Sunday we went into the village and she became poorly, panting and her front legs stiffening. I drove to the clinic an hour away and she had to be put to sleep. She was thankfully very calm and peaceful at the end with my hand under her head and laying across my lap. I took her home to the house and laid her on her bed. She appeared to be sleeping. That same morning I then had to say my final goodbye to her body at the vets. Fuck it was tough. Still is. Her ashes will be buried in Finland one day.
unnamed (1)
(This was taken two days just before she went to sleep – forever.)

Goodbye Kiva. Your passing has reminded me once again to be grateful for every moment I have with my two doggies.  You all leave us way too soon. xxx

For Garry and Taija, my heart breaks for you. Your loss is immense and no words seem enough to make a difference in the way you feel. But take comfort in knowing you’ve given her a beautiful life and while on earth with humans she only knew love and kindness. Big hug. xxx

Kiva’s mum was a pedigree German wire-haired pointer, her dad an Appenzeller, which is one of six Swiss mountain dogs.


  1. Christina LeDee

    I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your beloved Kiva and that you will miss her today, tomorrow and always.

  2. Cecilia

    RIP Kiva, no matter at what age you left this world, it’s always too soon for us humans, but I’m glad you had a beautiful life and were dearly loved by your family!

  3. Jill Keiser

    Kiva, so sorry you had to leave your humans for awhile, but enjoy your new life with other doggies over Rainbow Ridge until your humans come to be reunited with you.

  4. Helen

    Run free little Kiva, go play for all eternity in the big park in the sky with so many of our loved and lost ones x seek out buster Perry from Dudley I’m sure you’ll have a blast xx

  5. Elizabeth Burman

    RIP Kiva you look like such gentle soul from your photos.

  6. What a beautiful way to say adieu. Life is an adventure and Kiva lived it to the full. Homes in Germany, Finland, Britain, Spain, France and various cars across more than 100,000 kilometres through some twenty countries. Always there, always willing.

    She reached out to everyone and touched their soul. Only eight weeks ago she had eight bright-eyed, excited children aged one to six years stroking and hugging her. Strangers who’s lives she willingly touched for a moment.

    Kiva loved love. She demanded, received and gave. Unconditionally. I feel hers and I give her mine… and thank all from the depths of my heart for theirs during these recent days. Woof!

  7. Alison Mullett

    How beautifully Kiva’s owner writes about her. Such unconditional love from our dogs is one of life’s most precious gifts. Rest easy Kiva, run free ?

  8. Margaret Danks

    Oh my days! How very sad, and what a beautiful tribute from Kivas Daddy. We all dread the day our precious little loves leave us but until then we will smother them with love,hold them close and remember all the little souls who have sadly left us.

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