Three More Paddys

At Regent’s Park, we found Sticky Wicket designed by Sir Ian Botham.

As we were posing for this photo, a labradoodle walked past and stopped to watch us pose. Her mummy told us how good we were.

Well, if you’ve done this 28 times, she too would get the idea.

28 times that is if we included the “Phantom” a.k.a. the missing Ice Bear at Berkeley Square.

Uh-oh! We got to Norfolk Square Gardens and it says NO DOGS allowed. But we can see Paddingtonscape designed by Hannah Warren.

IMG_0333Mummy said – “Let’s break the rules!”

So we jumped in ahead of those people waiting to take a photo. I got into position quickly and George, well. he still needs to be “attached”.
IMG_0330Phew! Did it! Now let’s head off to Rembrandt Gardens which is near Little Venice.

Well at least we’re allowed in the garden but must be on lead. IMG_0339It’s a small garden so we found Love, Paddington X by Lulu Guinness
IMG_0334That’s Bear Number 30! Still another 20 bears! Crikey!

And London is no small town and we only have less than two weeks left before they all disappear!

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