At The Barking Hour

We visited the BBC “piazza” yesterday to join in the BBC London Radio event on the piazza.There were people and dogs milling around a fenced in area.We got in closer to see the action – there was Jo GoodAnd a singing band … and then Spotted the German Shepherds – and I started to howl as the band sang.They were being interviewed about their handicap …They spotted us in the crowd and came to interview us!!!She asked Mummy what’s special about me – well, everything really! LOL!We told her that I write a blog! 🙂

And then guess who arrived!Winston (formerly Churchill) and Theo!!!!!!Mummy wanted a photo of the three of us – I sat and waited while the other two couldn’t put their butt on the ground. I was asking Ann-Marie – were they ever going to stop walking around in circles?Then they had their turn to be interviewed.

We first heard about The Barking Hour almost two years ago and we tuned in to listen to Jo Good hosting an hour in all things dogs on BBC London Radio.

May’s comment: The Barking Hour is on every Thursday from 15.00-16.00 hosted by Jo Anne Good on BBC London 94.9.

On good weather Summer days, they stage the hour-long show on the piazza in front of the BBC broadcasting studios.



  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Looks like a lot of fun. So good to see Winston (Churchill) looking so happy and settled.?

  2. floyd fletcher

    Its such a double standards world we live in , people outwardly speak about their love for their pets but personally are very different. I have GINGER my golden retriever who is 5 yrs old and who we sadly have to give away in a months time.
    My family and I live in Croydon and have to shift due to the present owner of 8yrs selling the property .We are unable to find a house that we can have our Ginger with us even though houses are available within our budget of £1350 to rent a house most house owner do not want pets.
    Unsure why i am typing this message but just thought i will share the hardships we face for being dog lovers.


    • Miss Darcy

      I am sorry to hear your predicament. A lot of people don’t understand that our dogs are part of the family – when they don’t have dogs, they don’t know what that means.

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