Feliz cumpleaños Didier!

Today, a very special friend, Didier turns 10.

It’s been a year since I met Didier.  He had just arrived in London with his mother all the way from Colombia in July last year. We went to Heathrow to meet him. 
He wasn’t so sure of me at first.IMG_8658But over the week, he got used to me. IMG_8754He thought I was funny – looking at his birthday cake.photo-1-7By the time he left a week later to go home, as we posed for this last photo at the airport, he wanted to hold my paw.photo-2-10And he specifically asked to have a photo taken with me.Didier-and-Darcy-3I’m not always good with children because they annoy me – but I knew Didier was special to Mummy and I behaved myself with him.

May’s comment: Today Didier turns 10.  It has been four years ago since he had his major operation to remove the nevus from his back. I first saw the programme about “Turtle Boy” on TV in April 2012.  And it was a long journey that eventually brought him to come to the UK with the help of many angels.IMG_8807-1024x923He is now a part of the CMN research at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Just like people ask me why did I adopt George, in the same way I believe the Universe brought Didier into my awareness. I don’t know in what manner we will stay in each other’s lives or I wonder if I had done my part – people for a reason, a season … .  It’s difficult to communicate being an ocean and a continent away and my non-Spanish language skills makes it hard to know how he is doing but there’s always Facebook :).

But he is well and has constant check-ups. And then when a cure has been discovered he will be able to benefit from it.

Besides him coming to London and been accepted into the research programme, he has met Darcy. He was’t taking to Darcy at the beginning – but she won him over – that was a side agenda I had – not sure if the Universe included that in the grand plan. 🙂


  1. Daniel Morgan Hall

    Maybe Miss Darcy and/or George could be a good hospital therapy dog. My sister got a rescue dog a few years ago, and the dog has turned out be a great therapy dog in a New Jersey hospital.

    • Miss Darcy

      Have thought about it – they are called Pet as Therapy (P.A.T.) dogs here – but you have to pass all sorts of tests to do so. Wish I have the time to commit to it. I’ve taken Darcy to visit a friend when she was in a Home and she was fantastic. She seems to know when she is required to be calm. Children usually annoy her but when she knows them she’s chilled and accepting.

  2. Daniel Morgan Hall

    My sister’s dog had to pass many tests. He really loves his job. The hospital made a video about his activities there. But it is a big time commitment. My sister has to take the dog to hospital of course, about a 20 minute drive from home, stay there and drive him back home..

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