Are there tigers in Cornwall?

We went to have lunch with Marley and his mummy in Clapham.

IMG_0475We walked across part of the Commons to get to the restaurant.
IMG_0477And there in the window of the restaurant was a tiger, well, not a real one.IMG_0470 We were curious why this restaurant is called the Cornish Tiger –IMG_0467Well, we found out that the couple that owns the restaurant, one is British and passionate about Cornwall. The other half of the couple is Punjabi Sikh – and Tiger is the Sikh cultural symbol!  Aha! Now we get it and not because there’s actually a tiger in Cornwall – or maybe there is one in a zoo there.

Not only is the name a combination of the people behind this lovely restaurant but it name is also reflected in the food.  From early on, they had decided to use small, artisan Cornish producers as much as possible, to not only source the best quality ingredients but we can also support people fishing and farming in a sustainable, ethical way.  The seasonings and spices they use are from regions where the Tiger hailed. IMG_0462Doesn’t the food look delicious – I sure can do with that duck!

Well, that was a tease and then we were back down under the table
IMG_0460And there we sat.IMG_0478May’s comment:  Love the food combination and beautiful presentation …IMG_0479modern British with Asian and African tones – combining Cornish freshness with the flair of India/Africaand african tones.

Cornish Tiger is at 1 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HG – it is dog-friendly during weekday lunch, but not during busy times.


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