See ya later!

And we go our separate ways – it’s only for a week.

IMG_9317This time we are not going to the House of Mutt because Mummy wasn’t quick on the ball to book us in. She forgot it was half term and they fill up very quickly.  But this is a good alternative – we love Agnes! And at least George and I will be together.IMG_9320Enjoy, Mummy! It is good to spend some away from each other.

May’s comment: What were you saying, Darcy? Hic!IMG_9323The House of Mutt was full – its half term! So had to call on our previous dog walker, Agnes, whom Darcy loves! It pleases me that they are spending sometime together.  And with George too.IMG_9315I know they will be well looked after. And they will have each other.

Agnes was there when George first arrived home.  She was there when I nervously introduced Darcy to George and George to Darcy.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Sounds like Agnes is the perfect choice to take care of Darcy and George for the week, and they will be together!

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