Un día en Artà

The nearby town where we’re staying in Mallorca is Artà and on Day 2, Manuelas suggested we have a little walk around the town and to visit the church and monastery on the hill.

We drove half way up the hill because the hoomans thought it would be too hard to walk all the way up there.
img_6573-2 We meandered through the streets till we came to the parish church (Esglèsia Parroquial) of Transfiguració del Senyor at the base of the town’s hillimg_6575We stopped to take in the view of take of Artàimg_6574and for the hoomans to rest before they embarked img_6576on the Cavalry staircase of 180 steps.img_6577And the climb beganimg_6578Mummy thought to take a photo of us before she got hot and bothered.
img_6582At the end of the climb is the 1832 baroque church of Santuari de Sant Salvador on top of Puig de Sant Salvador Cavalry Hill). img_6583We walked along the one-meter thick fortress wall surrounding the church img_6650 We stopped at one of the towers to look out at the view.img_6588Yup! It sure is very high from the hill!

Along the way down, Mummy saw these steps and thought I would look good next to them – Why?
img_6589 As we were walking back into the town, we spotted this little guy sitting on the window ledge watching the world go by.img_6598 But around the corner, we heard another pooch barking incessantly. We looked up and saw this fella perched on a wall barking at the world!img_6599As we were walking along the main shopping street of Artà we came across this little white maltese and her owner sitting in one of the side walk cafes
img_6606-2 I was delighted to see another dog approached her to see if she would like to play.img_6610She did but we couldn’t stop for long.  Mummy had to do some shopping. img_6612And saw this rather ferocious looking “dog” – thankfully he wasn’t real.

Oh look! A store with my name on it!img_6597 And there were funny sculptures.img_6594We walked past a bakery and Mummy asked what were these interesting pastries. img_6595It’s typical of Mallorca, we were told, so Manuela went in to get us some – they’re called Ensaimada.

We went into shops that greeted us – there were no question that I could go into them. Maybe it’s because I am small.img_6611After all this, we went to the vet … more later.

May’s comment: So glad we took a little walk around the town. Found some lovely things to buy – to remind us of our stay in Mallorca.

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