Do I really have to go in?

We were at the vets to have my Milbemax for tapeworm treatment and a check up. It is more than 24 hours before we return to the UK and less than five days before we actually get there.

I arrived nervously – this doesn’t seem like a fun place.  I was about to do a runner but Mummy closed the door quickly once we got into the surgery.

I weighed in at 6.05kg. Looks like I’ve lost 0.05 kg since I left London.

The Vet felt my tummy and looked at my eyes.img_6600He wanted to look at my teeth but I wouldn’t let him. Then he checked my ears.img_6602The vet asked Mummy in his Spanish accent, “Is his temperature normal?”  Mummy answered, yes. I don’t think she knew the answer to that but saved me from having a thermometer up my bum!

“Are his stools normal?”

Mummy answered, yes, which was a lie because she doesn’t know. She hasn’t been picking up my poo the last two days since we’ve been here because I run out in the morning onto the grounds and go about my business.

Anyway, it’s all systems go. Pet Passport stamped, Milbemax swallowed with great ease.  Thank goodness, no needles! We are ready for our return to the UK.

May’s comment:  An important part of our planning for our trips abroad is to visit the vet so he can administer the deworming tablets as well as give check them over. The Eu Pet Passport must be stamped with date and time of administration of tapeworm treatment – not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours before the scheduled arrival time in the UK.

The most important vaccination is for rabies. The rabies vaccination must have been carried out at least 21 days before travelling. Rabies vaccination lasts for three years – so it is not required each time we travel.

All dogs entering the UK must now be microchipped.

Tick treatment is no longer a requirement but we always have one before we leave the country – for our own purposes.

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  1. Caroline

    I’ve taken Bella to Italy couple of times and the requirement is for tapeworm treatment before return. Bella, like your dog, has Milbemax, which covers tapeworm but not all de- wormers do.

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