Sunset at Colonia St Pere

That’s me at Colonia St Pere posing just as the sun was starting to leave us for the day.

And Manuela captured the moment when Mummy took that photo. 🙂img_6648And then it was one of the both of us. I am glad we’re not down there. The waters looked rough and I could easily be washed away!img_6535As we walked along the coast of Colonia St Pere towards the restaurant, we came across this Bottero-looking statue.  img_6538-1And I’m laughing because Mummy said – that’s what it looks like when I am sitting on her lap! LOL!

At the end of the walk we came to Es Vivers Restaurant.  img_6539We dined al fresco so we could watch the sun finally disappear over the horizon.img_6542-1Several dogs walked past img_6543and as I am getting more settled, I barked at them like I do when I am back home! 🙂 img_6546 But Mummy wasn’t pleased that I found my voice again! LOL!

May’s comments: 

“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.” ― Crystal Woods2016-09-29-photo-00000420

The sun sets every evening wherever we are in the world. Some days we don’t see it because the skies are clouded over or when it rains.  It’s particularly difficult to catch a sunset when you live in the city.  So while it is takes place every day of the year, since the beginning of time when we do get a chance to see the sky ablaze with a spectacular display of oranges, vibrant shades of reds, pinks and purples, we still marvel at it.  And we wait till the sun goes “poof” as it disappears below the horizon. It’s a daily natural occurrence that never fails to make us stop and marvel at its majestic grandeur. 2016-09-29-photo-00000421And even better enjoyed when sharing it with a friend over a glass of wineimg_6545-1At Es Vivers, a Mediterranean restaurant.  We were dining al fresco so it wasn’t an issue with George there.  Not sure how accepting they are of dogs because we have only been dining al fresco.

Colònia de Sant Pere is a small town at northeast coast of Mallorca, in the bay of Alcudia.

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