At journey’s end …

The journey was long for a quick adventure.

Along the way, it was a taste of this and a taste of that. Time with friends – old and new.  Conversations about all things that mattered to us.

At Saint Tropez with an old friend, Marley We had fun playing on the beach.We never seem to find time in our daily lives in London. There was always so much to do.

In Honfleur we met new friends and became richer for it.In our short adventure, we’ve been to beautiful placeswe’ve had sunshine and even a freak thunderstorm!We stopped to watch the sun setWe saw the moon and the starsWe stopped to smell the flowers …When Mummy learnt not to be hot and bothered about my love for sea and sand (because I think she was hot and bothered by the weather – LOL!)Each of those moments have formed memories that we will forever share. It’s all part of the journey that I am on with Mummy –As we navigate life together in this big world.

“It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s who you have beside you.”

May’s comment: So many places to go, so many people to see – may our journeys continue with each other, making memories.

And now for the practical aspect of journey’s end … Folkestone Taxi picked us up from Honfleur for the three-hour drive to reach Folkestone. This is our brilliant driver, Abdul. He drove us to Paris at the start of our journey and he drove us back. We were in very capable hands – he and other driver Pat, are our favourite drivers.

While Eurostar continues to fight every possibility of dogs travelling on their trains Le Shuttle is making crossing Eurotunnel even easier. This time we used the new Pet Drive Thru!!!

I think it might because they found that it could be stressful for some dogs to encounter other dogs in the same vicinity.There was no need to get out of the car but we had to take this photo!  We also had heard that our friend Marcel was on the video inside so we had to go in to see it.
But we’re home now – and waiting for George’s return.

Call Folkestone Taxis – 01303 252000 for a quote on Pet Travel. They will organise shuttle crossings and work with you on where and when to pick up.


  1. Sam and Lola x

    It all looks fabulous – we will have two mini adventures organised this week; Norfolk and then London ?

  2. Fiona Donnelly

    Can you advise of the ballpark figure it would cost to go from Folkestone or Dover to Calais train station in a car via the shuttle?

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