Ten hours and over a 1000 km later …

From St. Tropez to Paris. From Paris to Lisieux – we went from the south coast to the north coast.We began our journey at 9.30 and arrived in Lisieux, Normandy at 19.24. Mummy hurriedly pulled me along, down the stairs and up the stairs – and there waiting for us on the platform was this little face!!!!It was love at first sight for Mummy! They say she looks like a mini ME – I must have been very cute then. 🙂

Clemmie is about 5 1/2 months and very excitable. She was clearly happy to see me – as I might have been the first cockapoo she had met since leaving her brothers and sisters in Kent.  She now lives in Normandy.  Her mum, Wendy, had contacted Mummy via Facebook when she found our blog. So we decided to meet up.

I had to sit in the back seat with Clemmie and thankfully she was quiet in the car and didn’t bother me at all.

Wendy drove us from Lisieux to our hotel, Le Manoir des Impressionnistes in Honfleur –a very dog-friendly hotel.

We spent the evening with Wendy and Clemmie – getting to know each other.A little walk on the grounds as the sun was starting to go down.We could have had dinner inside the restaurant but we sat on the terrace instead.  And this was not only just in case, as this was Clemmie’s first visit to a restaurant.Clemmie wasn’t sure what we were doing sitting down and not going anywhere.So Mummy lifted her up to talk to her
And she gave Mummy kisses!  Yeah, right?
I sat there watching all this happening, thinking – Wendy, be careful. Keep an eye on Mummy. She’s going to sneak Clemmie away!!! LOL!As the hoomans sat and talked, the setting sun was ablaze in the horizon –And we watched the sunset together.  The end of another dayAnd new friends in our lives. Feeling blessed. 🙂

Soon Wendy and Clemmie had to go home – and we said not “goodbye” but “till we meet again” as we’ve discovered there’s a north coast to France! LOL! One last walkAs we headed back to our room.Our last evening in France – what a lovely trip it has been. Spending precious time with Marley and Yaena, and then meeting Wendy and Clemmie at the end of our trip was the icing on the cake!

May’s comment: One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is meeting friends and getting to know people online – from all over the world.

I have been meaning to visit Honfleur for about five years now.  As I do not drive long distances, I take the train everywhere. Getting to Honfleur from London on the train meant going all the way to Paris and then from another Paris station, take a train to Lisieux – going back up north again. A long taxi ride and then it meant taking the train back to Paris to go back to Calais.  It didn’t make sense and would take two days of just travelling.

When Wendy and I met through Facebook and then our blog, she had mentioned that her cockapoo Clemmie looks very much like Darcy. Where do you live? I inquired.  In Normandy.  My ears pricked up. Well, there’s a place I’ve wanted to go to – and maybe I will do so the next time I will be in Paris and we can meet there. Yes, good idea.

But the invitation to visit Saint Tropez came quickly afterwards and I thought – that must be fate. So when we take the train to Paris on our way back from Cannes, we can then take another train to Liseux instead of Calais. And everything started to fall into place. I’ve been meaning to check out Le Manoir des Impressionnistes, as suggested by Sian, our neighbour who has since moved back to Chicago.

And so that was how we ended up in Normandy! And meeting Wendy and Clemmie!It was a one night stopover. We didn’t have much time but we managed to see some of the highlights of Honfleur.The Saint Catherine’s church, France’s largest timber- built church with a separate bell tower.That’s me sitting at the church and the bell tower across the street.

On our way into town, we walked past La Ferme Saint Simeon and went to check it out – for lunch.And with a little taste of it, literally, we’ll be back!







  1. Margaret Danks

    I love France. I really must go back. The Normandy beaches are beautiful for just walking on and taking in the sad sad history.

  2. Sara Cormack

    I think I am going to book a trip to that gorgeous hotel. Darcy is such a lucky lady!xx

  3. Laura

    I love France. North, South, East and West. It’s all good. If I could figure out a way I would live there. Thanks for sharing your trip. I missed George but understand. Doggie tranquilizers? ?

  4. Ahhh lucky George and lucky you !! We are traveling Spain now without Mochi ( we’ve met once at the cafe in Connaught village fair ☺️)
    We plane this trip with family before we knew that Mochi will be in our life…
    as you can understand trip itself with family is great but never the same without my Mochi. So I couldn’t stop thinking next time we will go somewhere we can take mochi and France is obvious opinion. How did you cross the channel? We might drive through Euro tunnel but after this Spain road trip we realized long distance drive is actually quite tiring…

    • Miss Darcy

      Driving is obviously the easiest way to travel. If not you can take Folkestone Taxi from Folkestone to Calais via the Eurotunnel to get to Paris and then anywhere from there. Or you can take the Stenaline Ferry from Harwich International to Hoek van Holland and take the train from there to anywhere in Europe. That’s how we tend to travel.

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