I met “Darci” at the movies

Last evening, Mummy and I went to the movies at Picturehouse Central.IMG_8109 Picturehouse Central is having a Dog Gone Crazy Season and last evening’s screening was “Heart of a Dog” IMG_8111 We arrived at the cinema and proceeded upstairs IMG_8113Oh look! My fellow canines who were there for the eventIMG_8114 IMG_8116 IMG_8117 And look who I met! It’s “Darci” (not sure how he spells his name) the mini labradoodle in resident!IMG_8120 He wasn’t into taking photos – think he’s a little distracted as he’s the usually the only dog here but tonight, he was a bit confused by all the happenings.IMG_8128So when they asked him to sit, I too was confused. I am already sitting but they kept saying – Sit, Darcy! SIT!!!IMG_8127 I said to the guy hollering at me – I’m already sitting!IMG_8123Oh well, we did manage one almost good photo of the two of us.IMG_8125Of course I needed a photo of me and Mummy taken for this special eventIMG_8235Then it was time to go inside the theatre and there were a lot of dogs!!!!
IMG_8143 We were each given a blanket so we can sit on the seat.IMG_8135Some sat on the floor IMG_8179I sat next in the seat to this guy IMG_8141And he was really generous with his popcorn before Mummy told me I had some too in our goody bag.

The dog in front of us was a little curious about meIMG_8169Wondering why I had my head in the bag of popcorn –IMG_8175As I dug deep.

After all that popcorn, I needed a drink.IMG_8184 And then the lights dimmed!IMG_8192May’s comment:  As part of  Picturehouse Central‘s Dog Gone Crazy season of canine films, they screened Laurie Anderson’s “Heart of a Dog” – “her reflection on love, language and death – inspired by the affection she had for pet rat terrier, Lolabelle, who died in 2011.13131374_612939128853089_6276397303918362099_oEssayistic in style, and constructed like a collage of original musical compositions, contemporary footage, narration, animation and 8mm home movies, it deftly flits between the serious and the playful, the funny and heartfelt.”




  1. Jill Keiser

    Oh I would have been crying all the way through that film. My rat terrier, Claire, went over the Rainbow Ridge two years ago at 16 years old and it broke my heart. It is still broken. But it looks like the theater is so prepared for their hooman and doggie patrons for these special canine films!

  2. Jane Groothuis

    Lolabelle….seeing that name made me tear up. My beautiful Yorkshire terrier, LuluBelle, left us almost two years ago. We had 13 wonderful years with her; still, it’s never long enough. I miss her every day.

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