Misbehaving Mummy

Here we are at the screening of “Heart of a Dog” at Picturehouse Central in London’s West End –  IMG_8141 the first ever West End screening for dogs and their well-behaved owners!

They even gave us Billy + Margot Popcorn for dogsIMG_8149Er, a little difficult to get to

IMG_8175 Before the lights dimmed, there was a Q&A with artist and film maker – Laurie AndersonIMG_8164She said we dogs each have a voice – do I have a voice, Mummy?
IMG_8168 Then the lights dimmed and flashed up on the big screen were photos of us doggies attending the screening! IMG_8186Can you see me?!?!?

Ooooh, so this is what it’s like at the movies …IMG_8192 Mummy, what are you doing? IMG_8199You’re suppose to be watching the movie, not taking photos.

Mummeeeeeee! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST USED THE FLASH! IMG_8202I am soooooo embarrassed!!!!  Put your phone away!!!!  The invitation said for dogs and their well-behaved owners. I am going to disown you!!!!

May’s comment: At Picturehouse Central’s screening of Laurie Anderson’s Heart of a Dog” as part of their Dog Gone Crazy season of doggy films.

Everyone was very relaxed, the dogs were given blankets to sit on. One or two barked during the course of the evening which made us laugh, but that was about it. No fights, very few “accidents” and what was so lovely – so many humans were there with their dogs.  We weren’t there so the dogs can watch a movie. The dogs were there because we humans wanted to enjoy our daily lives with them.  Good to know there are many people out there who would take the opportunity to do things with their dogs.

Thank you Picturehouse for making this happen. I’ve tried to get in touch with a few cinemas in London to ask if they would consider doing this – and I never even got a response from them.

We hope tonight might have persuaded Picturehouse to do another screening for dogs and their well-behaved humans! 🙂

P.S. Cannot have popcorn when at movies with my dogs! They keep wanting to eat mine!


  1. Sarah

    You can’t take her anywhere, can you, Darcy!

  2. Margaret Danks

    Were you also one of those ” rustlers” May?? Lol

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    So good to see so many people there enjoying the movies with there dogs. I do hope it encourages other cinemas to do the same.

  4. Ellen

    You should ask shortwave cinema in bermondsey square. The neighborhood is so dog friendly and dogs are allowed in the cinema’s cafe. They might consider a dog screening.

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