Three’s Company

Mr. Charles is back. Oh, yes he is. He thinks that the bed under Mummy’s desk is his. So when I went to sit there, he insisted on sitting next to me. So obviously I had to move.IMG_8054And he decided he wanted George’s new rabbit from Mungo & Maud (which is actually Mummy’s favourite)IMG_8059 And he took my other teddy (which I didn’t mind) and one of our tug toysIMG_8084 And then he took my teddy! He knew that was a no-no because he went to hide.IMG_8065 But Mummy told him off and he reluctantly did give it back – IMG_8067I had to safeguard it from then on.  He is such a pest sometimes.

Come nightfall, guess what happened! The usual …IMG_8071Charlie jumped up and went to put his paws around Mummy’s neck, I was relegated to the pillow next to Mummy and George gave Charlie some hard stares but he still did not budge.  Mummy had to tell George to chill, so George settled sleeping by Mummy’s side. Sigh!

But we all eat nicely together.IMG_8078P.S. I look like I’m the fattest but I’m not, just fluffy. I weigh a LOT less than Charlie does. 🙂

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Miss Darcy — you and George are such giving hosts to Charlie when he visits. It’s no wonder that he feels so at home when he’s there that he takes over your toys, dog pads, and the bed!

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