Au Revoir, George

George, we are going to miss you.

Such a shame that you had that massive operation only three weeks ago – which made it not easy at all for you to come along on a long journey to the south of France.

Mum didn’t want to risk setting you back after only three weeks of recuperation.

I know Mum’s been spending almost every minute of everyday with you these last few days. And I wanted to spend some time with you too.

George: Thank you, Darcy. You’re my best big sister ever!

I miss sleeping next to you on the bed at night.

So while Mum’s watching telly in bed and she can keep an eye on you, we can snuggle together.

All this morning George seemed to know something was happening as he kept looking at Mum with those pleading eyes.

And then it was time to go. Mum settled him in Sara’s car …

He brought little piggy with him.

And off they went.

Er, hello! Who’s this?

He came for the day …

Mum, George’s bed is still warm and you’ve got Charlie?

May’s comment: As always, the days leading up to saying goodbye is always the hardest. I was so looking forward to us three on another road trip but alas, with George’s recent op, there would be just too many risks of an accident while on the go. Too many public transportation, too many different places. And if I ever have to leave them in the room, I would have to tie him somewhere so he doesn’t jump up and down from the bed.

Sara kindly offered to take him over this long Easter weekend birthday celebrations in the south of France. We will miss having him around but I know he will be loved and well taken care of.

Already settled in and watching GoT with Sara on the sofa.
Having a Charlie moment.

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    Beautiful little Georgie. ?❤️?❤️ Have a safe trip May

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