From us to you …

Mum, we were going to give this to you on your birthday but now that George won’t be with us on your special day –

we’d like to give this to you while we are altogether.

We had these made for your special birthday –

our paw prints made into paper weights.

Mine looks perfect but George seems to have wonky nails! LOL!

We could have had them framed but our gallery wall is already full of our portraits. Besides we knew you would love these paw prints. They will help to keep your pile of papers in order

Happy Birthday Mum. From me and George. xx

May’s comment: Feeling spoilt. Love these paw impressions of Darcy and George – a birthday gift from Paws4ever.

Paws4ever take impressions of your pooches paw, they then create a beautiful, custom, handmade piece of “Paw Art” allowing you to cherish those special paws forever. 

Paws are presented either on a handmade plaque, which you can pop on a desk or mantel piece, use as a lead hook.  Alternatively your paws can be framed with a photograph of your dog which also looks amazing. Your beautiful keepsake will look fabulous in your home or office, please check out our impression kits at or alternatively use their bespoke service to have your dog’s paw impression taken by Paws_4_ever

THANK YOU Paws4Ever – these will put a smile on my face every time I see them on top of the pile of things I need to do.

Why does everyone make such an effort to remind me of how old I will be?!?!?!


  1. Cheryl

    What a fabulous birthday present! Those will be cherished keepsakes!


    A beautiful keepsake from your babies. Happy birthday when it comes May x

  3. Daniellle De Napoli

    Happy birthday May, my husband turned 60 today, too bad I didn’t think to do that from Chance for him as well. Lovely keepsake.

  4. Cedric

    Really amazing idea!! Love the unique gifts idea and Happy Birthday, May! xx

  5. Alison Mullett

    What a lovely keepsake for your special birthday!!

  6. So many lovely comments. I was delighted to make these beautiful paw Paperweights of the adorable Darcy and George, hope you are having a spectacular BIrthday ? week May?

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