Travelling Alone

This was all an unfamiliar situation for me.

I was so excited as the van drew up. When Mum told me to get into the crate, I jumped up and walked right into it.

OK. I am ready to go.

This is Adrian, the driver.

But when I realised that Mum wasn’t coming with me – I was a little worried and I whimpered. This is all new to me. I have travelled often with the driver from the House of Mutt – and I knew where I was going. This time I had no idea what was going on.

But I soon settled down.

And went to sleep as there was nothing much to do.

It was a good two hour drive from London to Folkestone to take the train across to France. After crossing the Eurotunnel, we stopped in Calais to stretch our legs.

Next stop – Reims.

This is France I am smelling.

I soon became familiar with Adrian and started playing with him. I like playing tug-o-wars with my Hindquarters lead – much to Mum’s horror.

Sommesous was our next stop. Adrian needed to refuel the van.

Taking in the sunset. The days are longer now.

But soon it grew darker. And it was bedtime – still no sign of Mum.

But I was woken up in the middle of the night when Adrian stopped the van to rest at Montelimar.

And we went out for a walk.

Early next morning we arrived at Moulin a Huile.

Finally we were nearing Monaco. Finally we arrived and Adrian told me that Mum will be picking me up.

So where’s Mum?

I kept staring in the distance …

So where’s Mum?


I did it Mum! I travelled all by myself. I am a big girl now!

May’s comment: A friend had told us about easyPet Carrier service and when I looked into their route between London and Monaco, passing through a number of major cities – that was exactly what I needed.

Time constraints in London and needing to get to Monaco at a certain time, I checked into this pet service. What gave me reassurance is that it is part of the easyJet Group. They have a reputation to upkeep.

The back of the van and the crates were spotless and no doggy smells. They had bowls of water in the crates. Since Darcy was travelling on her own, they put her in the crate closest to the driver so he could talk to her. 🙂

Off they went. Of course I was worried with all the “what ifs” – but they kept sending me photos of her at each stop. He’s a driver, not a photographer – LOL! Not the most exciting photos but it showed she was safe. And he told me that at each of the four stops they went for 3 mile walks!!!! Whaaaat? Even I don’t do that – of course I don’t. LOL!. But it was a good thing as she was then tired and slept during the drive.

They arrived in Monaco at about 09.30 – and Juli drove us from Bordighera to pick her up from the easyJet offices. And she was a happy bunny!

Would I use them again? Absolutely yes! But you don’t have to go to Monaco. They can be dropped off along their route.


They usually have five dogs enroute, but they did this specially for us. They can take up to 10 small dogs and not more than 5 big ones.

easyPet – part of the easy family of brands, is DEFRA registered and fully insured to provide a safe, comfortable and reliable transport service for dogs, cats and other small animals.



    What a fantastic service May, I’ve never heard of it. Enjoy your holiday 🐾❤️

  2. Tracey & Sydney

    Have a wonderful birthday holiday! Lovely you are together xx

  3. Alison Wood

    Thankyou for telling us about this – sounds like a great service. Hope you have a lovely birthday

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