Au revoir Pareeee! Ciao Milano!

Yesterday was another early rise. At 5.30am we went for a walk before getting on yet another plane.  And we saw a different “gay” Pareee! IMG_4658 IMG_4659 IMG_4660

The taxi came at 6am. After checking in at Air France we went directly to the gate. Mummy’s tired of carrying me but she has no choice. IMG_4664The nice gentleman at the gate allowed us in first – that was great!  We sat down waiting for everyone else to board. Au revoir, Pareeee!

This Chinese lady sat in the same row as Mummy and I. Flora (that’s her name) is from Hong Kong and she told me I was very pretty! 🙂IMG_4673We were served croissants on board – as one does since it is Air France.   IMG_4671And Air France had no problem with me sitting on Mummy’s lap during the taking off and landing! Every flight is different in their rules and regulations. I prefer this rule! IMG_4668

After an hour or so, we were landing in Milano!!! Ciao! Ciao!IMG_4677May’s comment: I realised now that when I book early morning flights,  I have to factor in another quarter of an hour for feeding and taking Darcy around the block.  Tough on the old body!

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