Soon after we arrived, we set off to Mummy’s much talked about favourite trattoria.  We took the tram to Cordusio and like auto-pilot, Mummy walked from there to via Santa Marta.  She knew exactly where she was going – a path well trodden by her during the time she lived in Milan and always a destination whenever she visited!

And here we are at Trattoria Milanese!IMG_4715According to Mummy, just good food!IMG_4697 IMG_4698 IMG_4699 IMG_4700I was allowed a few sticks of grissini.IMG_4701IMG_4708They are known for their risotto Milanese … and Mummy’s favourite Costoletto Milanese!IMG_4709And like most times, she always comes here with her friend, Stefania.IMG_4714

May’s comment: My must go place when in Milano! Always been my favourite and always a must.

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