Baby, it’s cold outside!

We’re going to our doodle meet in Hyde Park this morning but it’s going to be cold – so Mummy brought out her hats. And guess what happened?

We got to try them on – quite colour coordinated, really!IMG_6285Georgie asks, “What’s that on your head, Dee-Dee?”IMG_6283You just wait – you’ll have one too!

Hey! Georgie, that rather suits you.IMG_6278Oops! Maybe a tad big.IMG_6281Well, what do you think? Do you think we should go to the park wearing these on our heads?IMG_6286 Maybe not, a tad too heavy IMG_6276 And I can’t see!IMG_6274May’s comment: I didn’t wear these all last year but for today, I think we need to put them on.

Camel coloured alpaca fur is from Lacorine and the black and white is from Gilly Forge!


  1. margaret danks

    Bless them, they pose so well for you May. Made me smile

  2. Ruth

    Hello May, Darcy and George! We were walking through Hyde Park this morning, during our London trip. We saw you all at Serpentine Gallery. If we had Lola and Nina with us we would have said hello, alas we were not brave enough without the doggies! Everyone looked fab!!

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