New old stomping ground

The Henry Root is the first restaurant Mummy took me to when I was only a puppy. 
IMG_5336They have been recently refurbished – during the time we were all away in September.  Now that we’re back, we’re there for our Sunday Roast.

There are lots of interesting scraps on the floor – especially at the next table where there were kids dropping food.
IMG_5346Thinking about it – it’s a great combo – kids at the next table dropping food. As they drop, George and I just hoover them up. Saves the restaurant staff from having to clean up after messy kids! See how useful we can be.

As soon as Mummy’s food arrives, the attention is back to our table .IMG_5338Oh yes, a roast – chicken these days as Mummy had decided to leave red meat alone for awhile.IMG_5341And her friend had a pork loin – who gave us the nice juicy bits!IMG_5344 May’s comment:   When I first got Darcy, I really had a difficult time leaving her at home – I had separation anxiety.  So I took her with me to wherever they allow dogs – and that was how our adventures began. I started to ask everywhere I went to if I could bring her inside. I soon learnt that it was ok to take her on all public transportation with the exception of a few grumpy cab drivers. So we journeyed the extent of London.  But what about eating out?  I can’t remember how I came to find out that The Henry Root is dog-friendly.

Just a stone throw away from where we live, it’s amazingly convenient if I needed to eat out or choose to go out for supper with dogs in tow.  Of course there are many others all around us but ever grateful to The Henry Root for paving our way into the world of dining out with pooches.
IMG_5334The Henry Root – named after writer, William Donaldsons’ famous fictional creation, the bistro is also located opposite his former Chelsea William Donaldson.

Food is ‘Brit nouveau’ and ambience and decor of the bistro is one of warmth and light.IMG_6301

Located at 9 Park Walk, London SW10 0AJ. Telephone: 020 7352 7040

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