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A fabulous pizzeria opened earlier in the year near us, according to Mummy was not only restated her faith in the world of pizzas but that they allowed dogs! We wrote about Pizzeria Lievito and shared it on our blog.

But on the day when we went to have our last meal with the Tykes, we were told they had changed their policy. Of course Mummy begged the reasons why.  We have changed our policy, they said because they had some problems with dogs lately.

But that morning, the restaurant was empty at 11am on a Friday in August and Mummy asked if we could please enjoy their lovely pizza one last time with the Tykes before they fly home.The manager relented – very reluctantly.One last time, he said and they cannot and bark. We did our usual thing, under the table but because it was a glass fronted restaurant, a dog walked past and well, I barked – just once and stopped.  Unfortunately, George – the “ding dong” started barking without knowing why and Mummy was totally embarrassed.

It was just last week that we had learnt that a luxury boutique hotel restaurant had reinstated their pet-friendly policy. And yesterday we learnt that a local pizzeria have retracted their policy. You win some, you lose some.

May’s comment: Whenever a restaurant decides to revert its pet-friendly policies, it is almost always due to some irresponsible dog owners who do not help our cause.  I enjoy doing things with my dogs and the challenge to be able to bring them with me when eating out. But I always consider that we will be within the realm of other humans who may not like dogs or animals – and many do not believe that dogs should be where we dine. We tread carefully and gratefully. Unfortunately, some dog owners feel entitled and thus the ongoing battle to win over restaurant owners is sometimes set back by dog owners themselves.

In this instance, it seemed like they had enough. We were told of their recent negative experiences:

– a Chihuahua was let off the lead and wandered around – which should never happen. A table of clients were leaving and accidentally stepped on it. It yelped and the offenders were very apologetic but the owners made a big fuss about it and made the offenders feel terrible. The offenders – owners with dog off leash on a busy restaurant.

– another small yappy dog, obviously on the owner’s lap attempted to bite the waiter’s hand when she was handing out the menus. She was so shocked and traumatised by the experience that she wanted to resign. The offenders – owners with dogs on the laps in a restaurant. Some people already think it is not hygienic to eat with dogs but let’s not push it in their faces.

– the presence of dogs had made a table of six diners leave the premises. Well, these people I don’t care about. There are more people who do not mind dogs than those who do – especially in our neighbourhood.  You win some you lose some.

Completely understand the first two incidences and I would tell those people off myself. I suggested to the manager that he should have rules – that he should be strict with the customers to put their dogs on the lead and dogs should remain on the floor.  But sadly, the manager did not care to listen to my suggestions. He continuously spoke over me saying he understands dogs. And then he responded with an anecdote that despite the fact that he says he likes dogs, asked me what happens when we go to the zoo. The animals are behind cages and we are on the outside, he said.  Was that his understanding dogs? Very sad.

But there are still plenty of places near us that are dog friendly – but please be considerate of other diners. We love having our dogs with us but we also need to be responsible owners.

We have taken Lievito Pizzeria off our Wine & Dine list. 


  1. Linda Fu

    Hi May,

    That’s a real shame, their loss! No dogs allowed, they’re not getting my business.
    Pizza Pilgrim are a yes and have you been to Mercato Metropolitano near Elephant & Castle? The pizza’s are amazing and all dogs welcome!


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