Boo Poos!

Scary? Mum is dying of laughter …

Can you guess who’s under those sheets?

She hints: Massive eyebrows!

A little scary black dog.

Whatever !



Now this is scary ….

Thanks to Belinda – the film master!

A quick costume made out of a flat sheet – it set Mum and Belinda in fits of laughter.

May’s comment: Well, what can I say – definitely effective!

And then we had Trick or Treat bandanas made for us by Mac and Maisy’s mum, Lisa.



    Very effective, wonderful photos, Darcy certainly has large eyebrows, I love George’s sweet mouth and nose, Freddie has the kindest face. The bandanas are brilliant, so I expect you will all be out tonight tricking and treating, have a nice time…and tomorrow…Church for all Saints Day? Cheerio for now xxx

  2. Liz Burman

    Lol, not sure which of you is the scariest!😂😂

  3. Cheryl

    They are adorable! Happy Halloween!🎃

  4. Kathy

    Cutest little ghosts I have ever seen! Happy Halloween!

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