• IMG_9239
  • IMG_9291Meet 3 month old Teddy
  • IMG_9295Meet 4 month old Cream
  • IMG_9275Marley
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Bank Holiday Meet-up

It’s a Bank Holiday meet and it wasn’t raining!

We had to take two group photos because there were late arrivals …

IMG_9260L-R: Missy, Hubbell, Teddy, Miuccia, George, Darcy, Kiko, Marley, Binky, Teddy, Alfie (in the foreground), Winston

Missing: Oreo

IMG_9280L-R: Teddy, Hubbell, Miuccia, Marley, Binky. Darcy, George, Alfie, Kiko, Missy, Teddy, Winston, Creme

Missing: Teddy and Oreo

We had a few new faces …

Meet 3 month old Teddy

Meet 3 month old Teddy

Meet 4 month old Cream

Meet 4 month old Cream

And BinkyIMG_9241And MarleyIMG_9275May’s comment: Happy Bank Holiday! 15 doodles came to play!

Till the next meet at the end of next month (26 June) – at 10:30pm behind the Serpentine Gallery.


  1. Alex

    Lovely to meet you all, Herbal is actually ‘Hubbell’, he had great time x

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